Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Bride Without A Groom by Amy Lynch

Rebecca Browne met the man of her dreams four years ago, but when Becky already has her wedding dress picked out and her honeymoon booked, she is sorely disappointed when her birthday present a diamond bracelet and not the engagement ring that she was expecting. Becky has her whole wedding planned, but the man of her dreams doesn't want to commit. But has Becky's obsession with tying the knot driven Barry away for good.

I was laughing at this book from the word go. My kindle was super-glued to my hand, because I just couldn't put this book down. Filled with humour and a main character that you will fall in love with, this book is the perfect summer read. I loved everything about this book, from the cover to the very eccentric but loveable main character. 

I liked how it jumped between the narrative of Rebecca and Barry. I love books where you get an insight into various characters, and Amy Lynch has done this beautifully in this book. Rebecca was the perfect character to spend a long rainy day with, but she is also perfect for a beach read. A book unlike any I've ever read before. My book of 2015  so far. I loved every single page.

5/5 stars

Thursday, 14 May 2015

That Day In June by Martina Reilly

That Day In June by Martina Reilly

Max is a big PR executive, he has a great job, a great house, he seems to have it all. Meanwhile, Sandy is a runaway, who after a series of bad luck, finds herself homeless. Everyday at the same time, Max brings Sandy a cup of takeaway coffee and a sandwhich, and sometimes even a bun. But when Sandy takes up her usual spot to wait for Max and he doesn't show for the fourth day in a row, Sandy decides that something is wrong and she sets out to find Max. As Sandy sets out to find Max, she soon realises that they have more in common than they think. And in the process Sandy also finds herself.

What I liked about this book was that it changed between the two characters often. It also gave a bit of background information on both characters as the book progressed and hinted at little secrets from both of their pasts. I loved how I instantly feel in love with both characters, but the character of Sandy particularly. I liked her more and more as the story progressed and she came out of her shell more and more. 

This story really struck a cord with me because it is such a real story that rings true on every page. Of all of the Martina Reilly books I have read, this is my absolute favourite. This is Martina at her absolute best, this is her masterpiece. She has struck gold with this beautiful heart warming story. I can't recommend it enough.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Silent Scream by Angela Marsons

Silent Scream by Angela Marsons

Ten years ago, five figures gathered around a shallow grave. Each of them swore to keep the secret of what happened that night. But now, ten years later, a dig is scheduled to happen in the very field that is home to the shallow grave, and suddenly each of the five people who gathered there that night are being murdered and it's up to DI Kim Stone to find out why. 

I seem to be reading more and more crime thrillers this year, but Silent Scream is probably the best I've read so far. It's full of suspense and kept my guessing until the very last page. No matter how many times I tries to guess what was going to happen I was wrong. It moved along at such a good pace, that I found it impossible to put the book down, and found myself reading it late into the night. 

Kim is such a likeable character and I liked how it showed little insights into her past throughout the book. Her team are also extemely likeable and I found that characters like Bryant and Cerys really added to the book. The team have to try to solve the recent murders and also murders that took place in the past as the book progresses. 

This book had me captivate from the very first page until the very last. A hugely enjoyable, fast moving crime thriller, that will have you on the edge of your seat and keep you guessing until the very end.

5/5 stars


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