Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A Little Love by Amanda Prowse

Pru Plum didn't have the best start in life. Her family were poor and they didn't have very much, but they were happy. Sharing a bed with her cousin, Milly, they had a dream that they would get out of this life and open there very own bakery, Plum Patisserie, and now, all these years later, that dream has become a reality.

Now, Plum Patisserie is thriving, her cakes are world famous and her clients are well known. She has a niece that she dotes on, life couldn't get any better. Then it seems that love is knocking on Pru's door. But when tragedy strikes, and Pru's past comes back to haunt her, she finds that true love never does run smooth. Can Pru prove that what happened in her past is behind her, in order for her to enjoy her future.

What I loved about this book, was that it got into the story from the start! I liked how Pru's was hinted at, just the right amount, which made it totally unpredictable. The character's were well balanced and the story moved along at good pace. The book is so descriptive, especially when describing the cakes, that I found my mouth was watering at times, while reading it.

Amanda Prowse found a great balance between light heartedness and the more serious issues in the book. The book proved that you can find love at any age, although at times I found myself forgetting the Pru and Christopher were in their sixties. This novel gave across a strong message, that it is never too late to start living.

I got lost in this novel. I found myself forgetting that I was reading a book, and found myself in Mayfair with Pru more often than not while reading her story. Another great story from Amanda Prowse. It deserves  nothing less than 5/5 stars!


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