Monday, 28 July 2014

A Review of Love Me or Leave Me by Claudia Carroll

From the minute that I picked up this book, I found it very hard to put it down again. It was a truely captivating comedy, about seperated couples and their journeys through Dublin new Divorce Hotel.

This book starts out with the wedding invitations off three very different couples having three very different weddings. We then meet Chloe Townsend, who two years ago, was herself dumped at the alter. Now, back in Dublin she's becoming the manager of Hope Street Hotel, a divorce hotel. Her job is to meet with all of the couples previous to them attending the hotel to ensure that they remain civil towards each other and that they won't disrupt the mediating process.

The plan is simple, arrive at the hotel married, attend mediation meeting and leave with a divorce bundle that both parties are happy with for when the time of their divorce comes. We follow the story of Chloe and the couples during the opening weekend of Hope Street Hotel.

The book moved along at a good pace and keeps up the suspense from start to fininsh. A book that will really keep you guessing.

The book is centred around Chloe and three main couples, Jo and Dave, Kirk and Dawn and Lucy and Andrew. We follow wach couples story and find out what went wrong in each marriage.

The Verdict: From the minute that I picked up this book I found it impossible to put it down again. It was filled with laughs from beginning to end and kept me guessig throughout. This book is a great summer read and I couldn't recommend it enough.


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