Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Christmas For One by Amanda Prowse

In Christmas For One, we're taken back to Plum Patisserie in Mayfair. But this time, we're hearing Meg's story. Meg grew up in foster care, she always dreamed of the perfect Christmas, but never got one. Now that she has a little boy of her own, she is determined to give him the perfect Christmas turkey with all the trimmings, a huge glittering Christmas tree and a stocking hung up over the fire. She knows that she and Lucas, will be fine on their own, who cares if there's no man in the picture.

But when Meg is sent to New York and has a chance meeting with a perfect stranger. Suddenly she is planning a completely different Christmas to the one she always dreamed of! Will Meg get anything she wishes for, or will her Christmas turn out to be nothing but a disaster?

I was delighted to get to read Meg's story after being introduced to her in A Little Love. Although this novel is set at Christmas time, it can be read at anytime of the year. I found it to be totally captivating. I loved the descriptions of not only the cakes, but also winter time in New York! This was a book, that I didn't put down once, I read it from cover to cover in one sitting.

Christmas For One, for me, was like a modern day fairy tale. It's heartwarming from the very first page. Full of festive magic, that be enjoyed at anytime of year. I found this book to be utterly uplifting.

Amanda Prowse is fast becoming my favourite author, and with every one of her books I read, I fall more and more in love with her writing.  A wonderfully captivating story that I can not recommend enough!

                                                                       5/5 stars


  1. Hi :) thanks for sending me your blog link on twitter. I followed on Bloglovin. I really want to start reading more romantic adult contemporary books like this - I just never seem drawn to them though :( Welcome to the book blogging world! Yay




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