Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Clover's Child by Amanda Prowse

Meet Dot Simpson. She works at Selfridge's three days a week. She's Barb's best friend and she's the daughter of a cook. She's an ordinary girl, whose happy with her lot. Then she meets Sol and her life changes forever!

Sol is the son of a rich army Major from St. Lucia. When Sol arrives in London and sweeps Dot off her feet, they both feel that as last Love has arrived. They do everything together, they even get to dance together in front of the Etta James. But they soon discover that life has other plan for them and suddenly Dot's life comes crashing down around her. 

We follow Dot as she tries to build her life back up and watch her make heart breaking decisions about her future.

This book deals with a lot of topics and really shows what life would have been like in 1961 for a eighteen year old girl. It had the ability to make me laugh one minute and cry the next. Once I opened the book I found it very hard to put down again until it was finished. It kept me interested throughout the story and the story started immediately.

By the end of the book the characters felt like friends and I wanted nothing but the best for them. I found that I was crying when they cried and I laughed when they laughed. Dot was the perfect main character for the book and was extremely likeable throughout. She is a character that will stay with me for a long time. Likewise, I found myself really warming to Sol as the book went on and wanted nothing but the best for him.

I thought this story was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. It was almost bittersweet. A superbly written book, that will stay with me long after the finishing pages. This is must read, especially if you're a fan of Amanda Prowse's other books and even if you've never read her books before, I think that this is great one to start with. 

5/5 stars


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